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7 qualities to make a Women perfect

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Hey here is a list of 7 qualities to make a Women perfect that every women should know or wants to know.

  1. Clear eyes :- According most popular journal des femmes survey it’s clear that 40% of men preferred green and blue eyes over coffees, black, violets or honey.
  1. Sweetness:- its work on women’s face. Every women’s all over the world carry a own sweetness on her face. More over its clear that men’s like mostly sweetness rather than her intelligence. here is the third place take the women’s sense of humor .
  1. Curves:- 55 % of 2000 men surveyed said that they preferred “well trained” women and only 30%  preferred thin one.


  1. Femininity:- Most of the Men prefer the more feminine one. While anyone like to play sports and have an adventurous spirit , they are not fascinated by a girl who is wearing spots cloths all the day but do not melt those who dress too modest. 45% of respondents confessed that women with skirts and high heels are their weakness. Percentage will increase to 55% among aged 45 to 54 years.

5.Dimple in the chin:- 42% of men like this feature while 23% prefer freckles, 21% have moles on lips and less than 6% like piercings.


     6.Long loose hair:- Another survey revealed that 58% of men think of long hair as a weapon of seduction. Only 9% of men said they preferred girls with hair pulled up.

       7.Look like Kelly Brook:- A study by USA and published  in the Daily Mirror determined that model and actress Kelly Brook is the perfect women per excellence. After analyzing a lots of celebrities they realized that she brings together all the desirable characteristics in the feminine gender, from hair to the shape of the face and the measures of the curves.

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